Attitude Océan - Côte Atlantique

bon bar glacier en bord de plage royanHistory


The Spirit of the Belle Epoque and Art Deco inspired the construction of these homes. Among these pioneers Alenet family, uses the Architect Edouard Espilonsin to build his vacation home on the seafront. The "Soleil Couchant" beautiful "seaside villa“ built by contractor Alphonse Barrot was delivered in 1912. Its architecture combines a base Art Deco (carved stone, curves) and some Anglo-Saxon (bow window) or Spanish (balconies with curtain) touch, with an expression of a rare elegance and sobriety.

This construction of the early twentieth century already complies with the principles of sustainable homes by playing with focus and direction of the sun throughout the day and seasons ... Smart inventions help combine comfort and ease, preserved nature, and access to all amenities. For example: a system of pressurized water is installed from a tank fed with a well and recovered rainwater, natural "larders" widened in some walls to keep fresh supplies, large windows south and west beneath the balconies to catch heat when necessary.

The layout of the villa, its dependence and the garden are dedicated to the well-being and peace of its inhabitants: stand in the shade of pines in garden,... just close your eyes to hear more conversations and feel blowing the spirit of the Belle Epoque.

During World War II, the villa has been requisitioned, and returned to its owners late after reconstruction of Royan but without significant damage. "Soleil Couchant" has remained for generations a family and friends home.

100 years after construction began, a descendant of Doctor Baron, also founder of the seaside resort of Saint Palais sur Mer, invested to allow you to recapture that sense of this unique place.